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Have you ever had sex with anyone from your high school?

Whom I have sex with isn’t anyone but my significant other’s business. For the record though, yes I have though we did not attend the school at the same time. 

What should I major in?

Because this is anonymous, I have no idea. My best advice would be figure out your biggest passion or what really makes you happy. Then follow your heart. The answer you’re looking for really may be right in front of you.

They say you learn a lot of things at college. 
Some dealing with education, some with life
It’s the place where you become, well, you.

Deep down, you learn something everyday.
Little or big, it’s an education
Friends come and go, rightfully so

I’ve learned that I’m good at things I shouldn’t be
Setting myself up only to be let down
If there’s anything that’s being perfected, that’s it.

College is a funny, little thing.
It’s the place where you learn who you really are without supervision
It’s when you learn just how strong you really are, or aren’t.  

I don’t care what you do as long as your happy and successful doing it. You could be the worlds best plumber for all I care and as long as your happy, I’m happy. I’m with you through thick and thin and I like you for you. As long as you’re happy and I’m happy and we’re happy together, that’s all that matters.

Amaryllis my beautiful-one
Not you believe oh of-the my heart sweet desire,
Of-to-be you the-love mine?

Believe-it yes, and if fear you-assails,
Take this my arrow
Open-you-me the breast and you-will-see written in the heart:
Amaryllis is (the) my love 


when we became friends I wasn’t looking for anything
a friendship bloomed into something
good for me and you

time progressing
one good thing building on top of another
that’s when I started unintentionally falling

there’s a problem with that though
see, you’re you and I’m me
nothing could or would happen because of it

our friendship slowly diminishing
leaving one person to question while the other is fighting
honesty walking out the door

eventually things ended
conversations ceased to exist 
time slowly passing by

wondering today if things would be the same
doubting the imagination
doubting our friendship

falling for you was the biggest mistake
intentional or unintentional
yet it taught me so many things

who we do or don’t fall for isn’t up to us
if I could have chosen to not fall for you I would have
unfortunately it isn’t up to us.  


it’s interesting to see how much things can change:
change in a matter of years, seconds, minutes
time is finite, limited to the mortality we as humans know all too well.

people come and go,
you’re moving in and out,
seeing and doing things you only dream of.

emotions that you never want to experience,
they’re the emotions you soon realize overcome.
denial of something that shouldn’t be denied

happiness is the key to life
you have to learn to never let anything get you down
because years from now, it’ll be a sliver of your life that’s irrelevant  

Ten Years Later

I will never forget the morning waking up to
Beginning of third grade and wondering, confused
Learning why it had been such an important morning years down the road
Ten years later, it’s effect still having an affect.

This, taken two years ago shall never leave my mind
Building bonds with people you never have expected
Seeing emotions run deep
One of the most educational experiences of my life